dying cows with blood in urine & stool

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Since the spring we have had cattle from ages 2 to 10 die, for no reason. The last 2 cows we have taken to the local vet and the cows have had high fevers the latest included blood in the urine and stool. We have spoken to the vet about blood samples and they said that would cost a small fortune as they would have to test for a 100 different things. Can anyone tell me what this could be.

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Sorry about your misfortune! With several cattle dying there, that sounds very serious to say the least. What part of country are you in? Anytime there is sickness or death from an animal with blood in stool or urine, is cause for concern.

If they were canines, I would suspect the Parvo virus. With cattle, don't know. Think your vet should be little more knowledgable on this; and, cannot believe that it would take up to 100 tests to find out. Also, contact your State University's Department of Agriculture/animal science division.

Assuming your cattle were and had been routinely vaccinated for all the common diseases, there is something else going on here. Could there have been an internal injury? Hate to mention the word, but don't know what the symptoms of Anthrax are---rather rare event in USA anymore. Don't think worms would cause those problems with several cattle?????

Could the cattle have injested some glass, pieces of metal that might have punctured some organs causing active bleeding?

Anyway...definitely needs checking out and talking to another vet too. Good luck!

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Cows do not die for No Reason.

A Good vet should be able to give a rough diagnosis from a description of symptoms.

Given the symptoms you have listed I would run tests for Anaplasmosis, and also Jone's, and Bovine Leucosis, that is three tests, all run off one blood tube sample, cost under $35.00. I would certainly seek out a new Large animal vet, and call your State Vet Teaching hosppital, I don't know what state you live in.

You could also send it to TVMDL, Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab, that's who I use.

Blood in stool, can be caused by coccidia, (coccidiosis). Worms, in a heavy enough parasite load can cuase the ssymptoms you have mentioned if enough damage has been caused, and at that point there is too much damage to save the animal. A simple fecal float will be able to determine the parasite load. Get fresh feces and store in a refrigerator till you can get it to the lab.

I do not think it is Anthrax, it is common in Texas, but rarely diagnosed in the live animal. Black Leg is also common, and the only good prevention is vaccination. Blackleg does not cause the symptoms you mentioned.

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