Ducks and Geese

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Feb 24, 2007
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Got something killing my ducks and geese.
I will see them and they will be fine, then they will be hiding in the house, they will have their eyes gooped up and/or be blind. Lose weight and I will find them dead. This all happens in about 5 days.
Already called our vet and he is trying to find the reason. Lost 3 Chinese geese, 1 white emden and 3 ducks. They are all together.
Searched the internet and still no idea.
Vet is not 100% sure what is going on with them. We are going to try an antibotic and worm them. He also said to try some commercial feed and see what happens.
Hope it works.
I'd worry about chlamydia, New Duck disease, or Avian Cholera. Only way to know is to open up some of the dead ones - a state lab or university should be able to help. Cost might end up to be more than the flock is worth but you want to know what you have if you ever want to get new ducks/geese for the flock.