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Dual Disc Mowers

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Nov 6, 2005
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Western Kentucky
Any of you guys running a front and rear mount disc mower? If so what brand are you using, how do you like it, and what size tractor are you using to operate it. I am looking at increasing our hay acreage and think that going to this kind of set up would work well in what I am planning. I know that in the next year to year and a half I am going to have to buy another tractor, and just think that this might be the time to look at this setup.




Apr 5, 2009
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Cheshire, UK
Hi Greg,
Not many farms in the UK have the acreage to justify the expenditure of a front/rear mower and the only time I've seen them at work was when used by a contractor many years ago. If I recall he had them on a JD 8000 and I think they were JD 270's ? [sorry to be so vague] cutting a 51 acre field and the reason they stand out is because a student driving them went right into a field drain and smashed the front unit which I then had to weld up so he could finish up.
What we do see a lot of though are forage harvester/trailer combinations, [the tractor pulls both and drops off the trailers as they fill for another man/tractor to take to the clamp] on the smaller units, these will usually be for around 120-250 acres
The more modern contractors tend to use the 'Claas Jaguars' [self-propelled] for hay or silage work but they will cut many 1000's of acres every season which helps pay for them.
It's not much help I know but just may give you an alternative to think about.
Good luck, I'd be interested to know what you decide.

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