Dry quarters in first calf heifer

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Jun 14, 2004
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Southern Middle Tennessee
Can anyone help me out on this? I have a really nice first calf heifer that bagged up like any other expecting moma before calving-a few weeks after the calf was born I noticed that her two front quarters looked like they had dryed up. She is only milking from the two back quarters. The calf has not grown out like he should. I'm sure some of you guys have probably had this happen before. Is she worthy of another chance at calving? Is there a possibility that she may have milk in all quarters the next pregnancy or is this it? I'm kind of afraid that she won't. What might cause this to happen? I should mention this to my vet but forgot about it the last time I saw him.
Her mother is a good milker and I just sold her sire to another breeder. We never had any problems with his daughters before. I'm wondering if this is hereditary or what? Thanks for your input.
Well, I am more than positive there will be many that disagree with me - but ....

This one would hit the road pretty darned quick if she were on my land.

If there is a medical reason there may be an opportunity for a second chance.

I simply look at it like this - do I want these genetics in my herd?



Sometimes a high producer will do that. It happens all the time to diaryX cows that are left to raise a single calf.

I just bought a 2 year old part Guernsey heifer that's dry on 1 front quarter and the other front quarter produces very little.
I know for a fact that she freshened in all 4 quarters when she calved, and I have no doubts that she gave a lot more milk than what her little calf could take. The calf obviously settled on 2 quarters and by the time it was big enough to take more milk, the others had pretty well dried up.
I fully expect her to freshen with all 4 quarters and make a good family milk cow.

Ann B
I had a 6-7 year old hereford that never came in to milk. I know she has raised calves in the past but this little calf died from lack of nutrition/colustrum. IMO she would grow wheels. IF you decide to keep her then I would pen them and supplement the calf with extra milk if you can.
Rustler9":3tlex84e said:
She is only milking from the two back quarters.

Is it possible that she was sucked as a calf, And ruined the front 2 quarters?
After a couple weeks the front 2 appeared like they dried up...Maybe that was the edema leaving and there was never any milk in those quarters to start with. Just a thought.

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