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Jan 22, 2007
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i am looking to rotate dewormers. Looks like i will be drenching, I am looking for better easier ways than what has been done in the past. In the past we caught in head catch and use nose tongs to hold their head for administration of the medicine. I am thinking that it woul be much easier on the cattle and us to weld a bracket that a pipe or bar could be placed under neck to prevent the lowering of the head and not need to nose tong the cattle. Any suggestions on the size of the bar. Also, I am interested in any techniques or tricks you use. I am wanting to work smarter and not harder. Also, I do not have a squeeze chute so that is not an option for now. Look forward to hearing your methods and tips. I figure with all the collective experience and creative solution minds on CT someone might have a better idea or solution than the Oneida am thinking off
I doubt that a bar under the neck would work well. The cow could choke itself if it pressed down on the bar while trying to avoid the drench gun.
I have one like Dun showed and it works good. A few months ago I got one that uses compressed
air and it is great. Uses the same hook type end and there is no waste and very accurate so I save

We also use what Dun posted. An occasional cow will hack it out after dosing. A second dose usually goes down OK.
We use the same as Dun, and the store we buy the wormer for gives it for free if you buy the wormer from them. If you can not do that, I suggest using a simple rope halter. We put the halter on and tie the head around the side of the chute so the cow can not move (we do this when freeze branding to help keep them still). You can drench easily that way also.
I use a feeding syringe. I got two sizes because calves only require a small amount of wormer compared to a cow. The 20 and 50 ml sizes are about right to cover the entire range. I have a squeeze chute and use a halter to tie the cows head up. It helps for vaccination also if you have a cow that throws her head. With calves, I adjust the head gate door to a small enough opening that they cannot pull their head out. Put a 2x4 behind their butt so they are restrained toward the front of the chute. Walk to the front of the chute, grab the inside of their cheek and stick the syringe down into their mouth and inject. It works well. But I think you said that you don't have a squeeze chute but if you have a head gate, you can still use this technique. Here is the feeding syringe.

http://www.jefferspet.com/feeding-syrin ... p/0026479/

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