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I board my goats on my brothers farm, went out to do chores this morning and one of their calves was down, head back, eyes rolled back and appeared to be in a seizure. I contacted my nephew/vet was called but did not arrive before calf died. While vet was out, another calf went into a seizure. Vet stated he did not know what caused seizures or death of calf. Nephew did not have any blood work done to determine cause. any suggestions.
For what it's worth, I'd get an autopsy done on the calf...or calves if the second one has died. They could probably send some blood and or tissue samples out to a lab for analysis.

I do know that some plants are toxic to cattle, so maybe there's something in your pasture that the little guys got into. Also even a fairly minute amount of battery acid is extremely dangerous if cattle ingest soil contaminated with it, or lick the battery. Just some thoughts.

Good luck with your search on this, and let us know how it goes.

Take care.

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