Double trouble!

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They were helping with 'clutter'. You can't wear 5 pair at the same time! :sneaky:
Unfortunately it was not all at the same time. Get a new pair and he would chew them up as well. I started putting them up, but that one time I forgot he got them. On a positive note he has not chewed anything up in several months.
"Vet looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about another vax administered without consent during her stay there. Saw the nurse about town the other day and she said they have to give a kennel cough shot to stay there. "

4Hfarms, kennel cough shots take a week to be effective in unvaccinated dogs. Why would your dog need a shot to be boarded?

I was told she didn't get any shot, from the vet.
The vet tech said, all all borders get a KC shot.
The dog reacted when she returned home.
Maybe she got maybe she didn't.
She had 2 reactions of the same type.
Both after the vet.

She was vaccinated........ all 4 times.
She had a very bad reaction the night she came home after second rabies shot. Since then no problems, until we boarded her for the weekend.
Inga has never destroyed anything, never got into the garbage. She shortened my bathrobe belt when she was a puppy.
Recently a porkchop thawing on the counter disappeared. She disappeared a bear from the yard.
She also made some drug crazed homeless bums disappear on their own volition.
This week in review: Rolled in putrid carcass = subsequent bath. Gutted a dog bed. Festus unrolled almost an entire toll of toilet paper and proceeded to run with it around the house. No pics of that because I was trying to salvage what was left of the roll (still a little traumatized by the epic 2020 TP shortage). Dillon ate Mr. TC's cigarette butts but evidently didn't suffer any ill effects. Found a fawns leg, possibly from the aforementioned carcass. Wrenching it from his mouth and the impromptu game of tug-o-war was nasssssssty! And Festus capped it off by chewing/destroying one of Mr. TC's hearing aids. Yikes!!! There goes a couple grand. At least he couldn't hear my ensuing profanities. But they're so stinking cute, how can I stay mad?:love:View attachment 35278View attachment 35279
The joys of raising those labs. I share many similar stories. It is the lab coming out in full throttle…this will pass😂 eventually😂in a few years😂enjoy😂as someone else said memories😂🥰

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