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Son's 4H heifer calved out on her own a week ago last Friday. She didn't (and still doesn't) have a lot of milk. Calf was up and nursing within an hour and did quite well. He still takes everthing she can give him and seems to be reasonably well fed. We've noticed, however, that the little fella lacks energy and is pretty wobbly on his feet. Gave him 1 cc of selenium and 1 cc of A/D 5 days ago. Didn't seem to make any difference. Have offered milk replacer off a nipple several times and he's refused it. Any thoughts?



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Art, check his navel and knees. I'd also look into his eyes. If you aren't certain they're 100%normal, get the vet out! Since you seem to be Albertan, I can rule out heat stroke!! Seriously, I'd be worried about infection #1, nutritional deficiency #2, other problems #3. Good Luck! V
Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Spoke with our Vet. First class operation. Knows our animals well. Thought he might be a little simple from lack of oxygen at birth but we decided to run a five day course of Procane (sp?) on the off chance that there was some kind of infection we were missing. Day three and the biggest challenge is catching the little bugger to give him his shot. Don't know if it's coincidence or not, but we're grateful that he's picked up.


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