Don't Mess With Texans and Others

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Guess this post is "everything else" tool...! Some things to think about in Texas:

1. Texas food groups--beef, beef, beef, and hot sauce. 2. Minimum speed limit for truck with cattle trailers--70 mph--especially in West Texas. (If you're not pulling a ranch trailer, SLOW DOWN!) 3. Quiche? Scrambled eggs that fell on floor and scooped up and served. 4. Texans have a high incidence of CHL holders (Concealed Handgun License). 5. Native Texans drive pickups. 6. Texas imports and others drive SUV's. 7. A Texan's pickup is often dirty and full-sized--it's used for HAULING STUFF (not show). 8. The smell of cattle manure = Money! 9. Don't mess with the State Troopers--even if they look like they're 16 years old. 10. A 5 acre "tract" in the country is NOT a ranch! 11. Stealing water is a hanging offense. Same holds true for cutting a fence. 12. Oprah (and her buddies) are not necessarily welcome here...especially in Amarillo. (She learned the hard way). 13. A designer Pickup truck with a pretty paint job, a short bed, and always clean is a TOY! 14. Native Texan ranchers do not drinked bottled water--they fill their water jugs from their private wells...or from a nice creek when in a bind. 15. Real Texans wear Wranglers, designer jeans are used for grease rags. 16. A closed gate means just that: Closed, keep out (or call first). 17. If you open a gate, close it after you go thru it. 18. We don't eat sushi,shrimp, escargot, and other "exotic" things--use them for bait when fishing for catfish or crawdads. 19. If you don't have flies at your place in the summer, you don't raise livestock. 20. Texas ranchers and farmers don't work 8-5. We work daylight hours. 21. We wear western boots because they're comfortable and functional. They are also used to kill bugs in corners of walls that get loose from people who are traveling through. Also useful for turning over a dry cow pad so grass will grow back. 22. Don't guess how much money a Texan has by how they look. 23. If a West Texan waves at you on the road and you don't wave back--then you are either asleep, a tourist, unfriendly, or from a soft job in the city. (They are not making a "pass" at you if you're male or female).

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