Dogs attack hunter

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Shoot, I've been attacked by one of my own farm dogs.

This is why I'll never NOT carry a pistol, ANY TIME I'm out on the farm. Even good farm dogs (young, learning or I wudda dropped him) can have a bad day, and we get plenty of packs of roamers, too.
For all the stuff I have been around I have never been so scared as when I was mowing one time and a pack of dogs came running down the road. I knew if they wanted that mower there was very little I could do. I knew realistically my chance of fighting them off was slim.

Dogs are extremely powerful animals if you have ever seen what they are capable of.
Someone dumped a pack of five here that had been used to fight.
These were bad to the bone pit crosses.
They came after me in the pasture and I put one down with a 357 and they broke off.
I warned my neighbors about the other four. Neighbors wife was going to gather eggs and her husband said I will go with you. Those dogs had holed up in his barn and came out after his wife. My neighbor shot three of the four. I truly believe had he not went with her those dogs would have killed her.
Buzzards killed the fifth one on my place.
I always carry a pistol even bow hunting l carry a 357.
No one ever dumps a poddle .
Last year or so, a child was killed by an animal in a county a ways east of here. They said it was canine and likely a roaming dog/dogs.
Used to be dogs roaming and dropped around here locally all time. People used to talk about packs of wild dogs. Now it happens less frequently. Saw a couple German Shepherds in our pasture a while back that belong to a neighboring property.
The other night a little rascal of a Boston Terrier mix type that I've nicknamed The Gremlin came running up in the yard. It breaks free and runs ever once in a while and we take it back home. Any of our dogs would kill it if they ever got the chance.
If a dog is actively chasing or attacking any of our animals, it's subject to SSS. If it's just roaming around not causing a problem and I know who's it is then I'll let it be and let them know the dog has been here.
Years ago, it was a common occurrence to find dogs running cattle, or mauling goats or other small animals. In more recent years here it hasn't been as much of a problem at least for us, even with more people living in the area now. I've attributed that at least partly to coyotes being so prevalent, and people keeping their dogs inside or contained better because of the heavily traveled state road.
When I was young one of my cousins was bit by a dog, and that dog had to bite two other people before the city dog catcher could do anything about it. My uncle said he would take care of it; they sent the police to watch him so that he would not shot the dog. I know several ranchers around Northwest Colorado that if they seen any dog running anywhere near their livestock they would drop them right there; it didn't matter if they were being a menace or not.
It's horrible here for dogs being dumped.
County is poor and has no facilities.
At my place in SD we had as many as 16 cats show up in a week. We bought the place from a cat hoarder so had to do some thinning of the population right away, but I think everyone in the nearby town knew about the hoarder and didn't know she had moved. I don't believe there was ever a week that went by when we didn't get at least one. The driveway to the county road was a quarter mile and we'd see a vehicle stop, a door open, and the car would drive off. At first I'd collect them to take into Sturgis, the closest county shelter, but the guy there said they euthanize them anyways and suggested I shoot them.

Why is it that the media never runs a story on how farms are overrun with strays that have to be shot?

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