Does John Kerry look like Abe Lincoln

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You must mean Clinton. That was his claim long before he left office but idn't have the testicular fortitude do anything about it


BLACKPOWER":3bwbpwyz said:
D.R. Cattle":3bwbpwyz said:
He looks like a lying old cur dog to me.

Kind of like someone who would say "Iraq has WMD's and Saddam Hussein is a direct threat to the United States".
I guess you could say he looks like Lincoln, thats just what we need another president from a Northern aggresion state (Union State for you yanks) Lincoln politics drove a wedge into this country, Kerry will do the same, were still fighting states rights versus the Feds dictating to the states . Every time a democrat gets elected we lose more rights , and lose more money to support the free loading vermin. Kerry is the type gigilo, we need to run country. This time around its about morality and freedom.

Win Bush Win
Lets see,
Lincoln, he was the lawyer that managed to kill more American solders in his war to insure the federal government was in charge, than in all wars before or since combined.
Yea Kerry does kinda remind me of him.

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