Does anyone know about the South Poll breed of cattle?

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The breed south poll is made from hereford, angus, senepol (half red poll, half ndama), and barzona (hereford, africaner, sorthorn, angus). The breed is highly maternal and bred to work as grassfed.
BARNSCOOP":1kk3co4j said:
So, If they are bred for grassfed operations, how would they fair with two months being grain fed?

They will put on some fat.
Each of those breeds individually can put on fat. They've just been combined together and work well on grass alone. A cow that will fatten on grass will fatten easily on grain.
I don't know. It's only about 100 miles south of me and we have more grass than we've had in years. It's almost too thick to walk through.
BARNSCOOP":f2v7orfy said:
Sorry about the misspelling Ha! It's South Poll not South Pole.

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