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Thanks to all that responded to my question earlier about best breeds for eastern Oklahoma! The responses were incredible and we gained so much information from your advice!

The first publication of my new ag/rural based publication, The Wild West Journal, goes to publication next week. We plan to celebrate and encourage the future development of the Western Rural Culture. Noted cowboy poets, humorists and columnists include Baxter Black, Milo Yield, Debra Coppinger Hill, Quackgrass Sally and Suzi Drvec, just to name a few. Other articles about livestock, farming, and equine related industries will be included. We are very interested in what your submissions might add to this publicaiton. Cattle Today has already put me in contact with several very articulate people. Please consider becoming part of this unique news magazine. I will need educational articles promoting the livestock industry every several weeks. I surely encourage and appreciate your consideration!

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