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May 1, 2004
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I was just wondering if any of you have a Yellow Jacket disk mower? I think they are marketed under several different names other than Yellow Jacket. I bought one this spring, the 9 ft model. I know you get what you pay for, but this thing is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. I have spent about as much time working on it as I have cutting hay with it. My hay fields are pretty smooth an I don't abuse my equipment. I would hate to see whay it would do under a little abuse. I am just venting a little as it flew apart again this morning. It all started in June when the breakaway kept breaking away even on smooth ground. The dealers advice...keep tightening it up. I did right up to the maximum point the manual recommended. Well I was finishing some hay for my neighbor and hit a small stump (6" diameter 3" out of the ground)The breakaway didn't breakaway and the rear weld broke instead. On inspection it was little more than a cover weld. That blew my whole drive line apart ect, ect. Dealer support zero. They welded the bar back together, got it to long and tried to charge me for the drive line parts. This was all after cutting about 50 acres of hay. Maybe I am expecting too much. I guess I am trying to say DON'T BUY ONE!!!! Sorry this is so long, You all take care.
I saw a Krone disk mower at the Farm Machinery show in Louisville, KY this year. I really like theway it was built. Their round balers looked good too. We don't have a dealer near here though. I checked out the Vermeer and I believe I am going to go with that and scrap the Yellow Jacket. Take care.
The Yellow Jacket mowers are spold by Darrell Harp of Red Bay ,AL. These mowers and made by Fort. They are also sold under these marketing labels: First Choice, Fort, Morra, Yellow Jackett, & Leverda. They have an engineering flaw in that if a mower kicks back very far wnen the safety release is tripped it will distroy the PTO end connected to the mower. There are some safety release updated available that will strengthen the amount of force neede to trip the mowers but unless you shorten the safety release travel you will always have this problem.

The Vermeer mowers use the Lely shaft drive system. Vermeer Shaft drive needs 20% LESS HP for the same size Oil-bath mower like a Krone, Kuhn or Fort.

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