Diseases transmittable from poultry to Cattle?

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May 30, 2004
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Victoria, Australia
Hey there. My dad says that if I were to wean calves on my 1 acre of paddock, they should not be in contact with my 35 chooks as there is a disease which chooks can carry that can have an ill effect on a calves health.

Is this true? If so, what disease?

If the chooks were out roaming the paddock, I doubt they'd have much contact with the calves and I would not let the chooks anywhere near the feed I use to wean the calves.

Otherwise, I'll need to build a fence to keep the chook separate and I don't wanno do that! :)

Brett Enright.
Here in the US we have been feeding Chicken (Chook) Litter (Manure) to
cattle for years. No Large disaese out breaks that I know of. The government just recently banned feeding litter to cattle because of the BSE (Mad Cow) scare. Ground up cattle parts in the chicken feed being passed back to the cows was possible transmitting Mad Cow back to the cattle. I dont for see any problems running calves with chooks. To be sure ask a vet in your home town. Good Luck
Unless you fence them away from the feeders, what comes to my mind is since the chickens don’t usually wash their feet before putting through the grain/hay bunks they may be carrying the cattle manure into the feeders and giving the calves a higher rate of coccidiosis :?:
I think I mentioned this on a previous post, but years back we had a calf drink water from a "mud hole" the chickens and ducks frequented, and consequently he got sick and died. Coccidiosis or salmonella I'm assuming.. he died pretty quickly.

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