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Itmay or may not. Depends on what it is eating. The smell is also sometimes a give away
Well it is eating some sweet feed about a quart and a half its already been sick with a cough ,snotty nose ,diharea, we gave her and her friend 2 shots of antibiotics and a sulfur pill that was about a week ago and it was all better... I went to feed it yesterday and it had just a tad runny nose and diharea on its butt and it went right in front of me I didnt smell anything is that good or bad... I thought it could have been from the sweet feed but I dont know...
The sweet feed could be causing it. For the snots what antibiotic did you use, what dosage?
Could be a number of things. If she's eating well, not coughing, doesn;t act lethargic, just practice benign neglect and keep an eye on her.
She is eating well,isnt lethargic,but she coughed once after her and the other were running down the hill i just took pics of them and tried to load them but couldnt she looks fine and is eating excellent ill try to post the pics tomorrow...

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