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Sep 7, 2005
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southwest, MO
The conversation netween Capt Sully and the airport flight controller? I can surely see now how he was able to land the plane in the Hudson, with no fatalities, he is one cool, calm and collected individual. A really amazing story.

When you think of all the things that had to go right for the happy ending we had, it is truly amazing. He had to find enough open water. The area he landed in was near ferrys and other boats who didn't wait for instructions to rescue people. The crew kept passengers calm. Weather was clear and good. But, yes, it started with a clear headed, experienced pilot.
They played about 90 seconds of it on the radio this morning. Pilot and the two controllers involved sounded cool as cucumbers. It was amazing when they asked him what runway he wanted at Teeterboro and he cooly replied "We're gonna be in the Hudson."
He was very calm! I would be freaking out. But I am sure his calmness helped land that plane safely. He must have had some good training and definitely put mind over matter.
From what I've heard, he's already put one plane into the water while in the military. That would account for alot of his calm behavior. It helps to have experience.

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