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Feb 16, 2008
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Central Iowa- USA
The thread Bob Started about the extortion got me to thinking about states rights and wildlife and fence laws. In Iowa we have fence out rules meaning that you put up a fence to keep out others livestock on your half of the boundary line, however the custom is that if someones cattle gets on to your place you help them separate and get their livestock home. However if its the State's wildlife you are expected to feed them and not harass them, they have eminent domain. The same goes with liability if my cattle are off my property and get hit by a car then I take the cattle loss as well as the liability for the car and it's occupants, but if it is wildlife (managed by the DNR) that gets hit it is the individuals responsibility for repairs and health insurance. Sorry for the rant.
Here much depends on what type of hi-way it is and the circumstance.

For instance Farm to Market roads and county roads.
I have worked a few times in Texas and saw the farm to market road signs. What is the difference between them and county and state roads?

Sounds like Iowa has the same laws as Virginia in regard to cattle and wildlife.

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