Diabetics. Anyone familiar with BYDUREON injection pens?

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Jul 5, 2012
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I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this week, and along with the usual oral prescriptions, have been prescribed once per week home injections subQ (in the belly) with some gizmo called BYDUREON injection pen. Short, but pretty large diameter needle and not very sharp either. They gave me the first injection in Dr's office yesterday, and I got a month supply at the pharmacy. Anyone familiar with this?
A1C test was 9.6...... :(

This is close to a full scale size image. Maybe just a little bigber than actual size but not much.
Not sure I'm smart enough to use it.


Gotta mix the compound up and it looks like this before you start:
The boss uses a pen that looks little a lot like that one. He has to do the once a week shot as well, but the name of the drug is trulicity. So far it hasn't helped in getting the numbers down. They upped his metforman and are rechecking in three months. If no better it will be insulin injections. He is really working hard on the diet to get it under control.

Trulicity is one of 3 different pens and drug that pretty much do the same thing..or supposed to anyway.
I'm on Metformin and Pioglitazone as well as the Bydureon.
(On top of 6 different cardio related medications--Dun was right. "Old age ain't for wimps". )
I do a daily injection of victoza...no mixing. Kinda pricey is an understatement. Also take metformin.

Diagnosed about 11 years ago. Don't remember a-1c but fasting blood sugar was 408. Last a-1c was 6.8. It's a struggle.
Been diabetic for a long time it is a life style change. I am controlled with diet exercise and oral,last A1C was 6.1.
Son is also diabetic and the Dr started him on a pen as well ended up with pancreatitis. He now is on insulin long acting.
Don't know anything about those fancy new meds.

I just uploaded the data from my insulin pump to my endocrinologist. Have an appointment tomorrow morning and she'll have all the info on a chart before I get there.

Blood sugar was over 1100 when I was tested at the hospital 46 years ago. Nurse wanted to know how I got there that morning after she did the test. I told her I drove, and she ask again. Finally, she told me there is no way I would be conscious. Admitted me to the hospital to get it down. Type 1 from day one. Use fast acting Humalog.

Best advise I can give is, learn to eat to live, not live to eat! Get exercise even if you don't feel like it.

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