dexter breeders in Arizona, USA

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:!: Does anyone Know of a dexter breeder around Pheonix, Az. and What color do you recomend, Black, Red, or Dun? I'm starting a small family farm and want to raise dexters for meet, milk, and cheese production for family only. Will sell any extras as needed. I would like any advice. Thanks
Contact the American Dexter association. They will be a big help.

Red Cinder Cattle Co. Chiono Valley
Walter Thompson 928-636-1530
Walt has a a great heard of Dexters.
have made contact with both recomendations, Thanks
any other advice on raising and breeding dexters, I'll take all I can get.
Lots of info on the net. What is bragged about I don't know if it is true. I was thinking about them for beef, but since they are a "rare" breed I do not know how accesable they are. The number against Charolais is promising. It would be nice to see the figures of carcass traits against other breeds and cost of feed per pound. Not much research out there.

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