Dexter AI and sexed semen questions

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Dec 20, 2008
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Hello! :wave: :wave: :wave:
I have a registered Dexter cow which I would like to get AI'd but have some questions. Does anyone know where I could find sexed Dexter semen? I have a friend which is trained in AI has agreed to do it for me but he has not equipment of hia own. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I need and, if possible, where to find it. Someone also told me that with just the one cow that it will be hard to tell when she is in heat and suggested to give her a shot which will put her in heat for 80 hours. Does anyone know what this shot is called?

Thanks for any information,
Tobey has the equipment you would need to perform a.i., they also have some different meds to enduce heat.
Sexed Dexter semen? thats a new one on me. Is the semen not sexed at the bull station? The reason I am asking is because I have never heard of any sexed semen other than in the commercial dairy breeds and Dexters are not a commercial breed. But if they do it at the collection station then heck I would like to know cause I had 100% bull calves this year and would maybe like to change the odds.
Either that or quit being so impatient!
Last few years at our place we have had about 75% heifer calves, and a bull does the breeding on his own.. we ought to tell him we want more steers.. I guess it did come in handy to grow the herd a little and have a better selection
tobemeghan sounds like you need specific info and if you bought the semen you would need a tank to store it and so many other things wrong with this scenario. You do not say your location so it is hard to direct you to the right place, please update so we can send you to an appropriate semen dealer..

Onthebit ,don't really understand your post regarding commercial dairy and Dexter's not being commercial.. :? BTW any breed can be commercial...

give her a shot which will put her in heat for 80 hours
tobemeghan, you also need to do some research on bovines and heat cycles ,,to tired to explain right now but that is wrong..

I think your best bet is to get a qualified AI tech in because your friend who can AI is either explaining it wrong to you or doesn't know what they are doing..

Oh, and welcome to the boards..
Hello everyone,
Thank you all for your replies. I heard about Dexter sexed semen on another Dexter email list but the information could have been wrong (the person who posted the info is no longer there and I can't find the email) as I have had no luck finding any (just thought maybe I was looking in the wrong area).

As for my location I am located in SC Kansas. My friend is a tech that did cows for a dairy, he is just very busy so I told him that I would get everything ready for him, thought I could find a list of everything that I would need online, no luck so fair.
I am only buying one straw (found a place online where I can get only one). I had a vet on an online list tell me to get the shot that will put her in heat as it will be hard to detect since she is an only cow. I can see if I can get in contact with Jim (friend) but just hated to bother him with these little questions.

Thanks again everyone,

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