DewEze Super Slicer II

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May 19, 2009
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If you havn't seen this machine, you need to check it out. it is one of the best pieces of equipment out there for feeding cattle. I saved enough hay to pay for it in about 6 months. It is on the Cattle Show on RFDTV on Tuesday nights.
Thanks for the nice comments about our Super Slicer II. I had some friends tell me that someone posted something about our equipment and that I should join. I actually work for DewEze in Texas. This is a great company and great people. We have manufactured the Slicer for nearly 30 years. All of the customers who have fed with this machine have reduced their hay waste by 40%. Another popular thing to do is to turn round bales into small squares. One customer in South Texas purchased his bales for $80 and is getting 33 squares out of one round. He is selling the squares for $7 each. Thats $151 per round bale and it only takes about 10 minutes to do this. Anyway, thanks again for the comments and let me know if you need anything.
I purchased this machine from the dealer in Lampassas, TX. (very good folks to deal with!!!) It saved me alot of time in feeding and the cows eat all of it with no waste and all are eating at the same time. The machine is very simple to operate and I run it with my small tractor. I just thought it was to good not to share!!!
I really enjoyed the video. I guess I need to try and find a dealer that is close. This would be great to break down for the show calves, not to mention the herd cows during winter.

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