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I would love to go, in fact was checking on the price of airfare this morning.... but can't find anyone that wants to go so I probably won't make it. Some day I plan to attend that event! I would go to see everything, but would want to be there while the Piedmontese were being shown....
When I finally go, I will go to watch the Angus show. Thats where my bread is buttered. But I would want to sample all the breeds in the yards. In order of importance probably Angus, Simi's, Composites, Herefords and Maines.
Of course I'm going to Denver. I'm lucky because I live in Colorado! Woot.

I've gone for the past 9 years, ever since I was 8. I always go to watch all the cattle shows I can catch. I've also shown lambs up there. I might show cattle up there soon as I get a good one.

This year, I'm going to be showing a steer in the Catch-A-Calf program. I'm really excited. Maybe someday I'll show horses up there too. :nod:

Be headed there end of next week to get things ready. Denver is always a good time!! From Devner to the KMOT Ag EXPO in Minot ND ( our favorite show) then to the Black Hill Stock Show in Rapid City , busy busy busy!!!!!!!!!
I'll get there one day to look at the South Devons,Herefords and Tarentaise. Of course I look at all the others as well. How many head of cattle are there usually shown in Denver? Our biggest show in Australia are the beef expos held in Rockhampton Queensland each three years with about 2,000 head of about 35 breeds. Beef 2009 is coming up in early May.
We went the year before last, and I'll tell you what, I've NEVER been so cold in my life! I heard people say you could walk around in shirt sleeves most always, but it sure wasn't true when we were there! Very few people even got out to see anything in the yards it was so cold. I believe it was cold last year as well! Whoever thought it was a good idea to have a stock show in Denver in January must have been nuts!
I think I am going to be hauling some longhorns up there for the show. If the schedule is still the same, I'll take some to fort worth, then head straight from fort worth to denver. Should make for a long week, but should be fun. Me and a buddy are hauling them for some friends of ours, not for the ranch I work for and normally show for.

This'll be year #16 for me. I turn 15 around the end of stock-show, and I made my first trip when I was "en tummy". :D I look over just about anything there is to see. I check out the Denver Livestock Judging contest if I can make it, or, we usually watch the Ranch Horse Versatility competition. We always find something exciting to do at the NWSS.
Keren":2ma60zgd said:
One day I am gonna fly over there and see experience Denver ... one day when I have enough money lol!

One of my mates is spending 7 weeks in your fine country, including Denver in her itinerary.

Where else is she planning on visiting? Is it just a holiday or for work?
Australian":1eg3iptv said:
How come the show in Denver is held in winter.In Australia most of our shows are held when its warmer. Up north in the tropics is the only time they are held in winter. Don't they realise they'd possibly get more exhibitors when it was warmer?

Colin, Adelaide Show is held at the end of August/beginning of September, and it is quite often cold and miserable. Alot of the shows in SA are held from end of February through to September/October, so we miss alot of the warm weather. I think most shows arpund the country would be in Autumn and Spring months, wouldn't you? Though we usually draw the short end of the stick and get cold weather!!
Winter weather is good for growing hair though- I know in my experience the animals fit out better in winter because I have more hair to play with!
Our shows that I go to are from the last week of january till early may,then to Brisbane in early August. The show circuit here in NSW and Queensland does follow the climate a fair bit. There is no way that we could have any of the New England shows in late Autumn or Winter. That is why they are in Summer and early Autumn.There must have been a reason for Denver to held in Mid Winter.
This afternoon's view in The Yards. Cloudy and blustery, but exhibitors starting to set up despite the wind.