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Jan 13, 2004
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Southeast Louisiana
It seems to me that Democrats are made up of several groups...homosexuals, unions and welfare gift takers, those who want to gain world resect by kissing ass instead of kicking ass, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson folowers, those who will kill babies for the convience of the parents, those who want prayer out of schools, those who think a village not parents should raise children, those who think political correctness is more important than being right...
I think Bush has made a lot of mistakes...but he will stand where I want him to on the issues listed above..If you are for Kerry you are for all the groups above..
Tell me about the groups who support Bush...
Edwards says "hope is on the way" and that is all they ever offer...nothing real..just retoric to the ignorant masses who will vote people like kerry...
Well spoken DRB. I agree 100%. I got a real surprise today when I was helping my wife's two uncles do some repairs. One of them cut his finger and said," man I could get a purple heart for that." I responded, " Just like John Kerry"(as a joke). He then told me a, as did the other uncle, I hpe he is our next President. Man, I could have fell over. These two guys are just like most of us. Hard working, Christian men, who seem to stand where President Bush stands on most issues. Both are retired from blue collar type jobs and still farm. I hope they were just messing with me, but I don't think they were.
One of my best friends is the same way. Is for everything the Republicans stand for, his wife is the same way and his mother and dad were the same way before they died. Are against the democraric party in his thinking. Still supports the dems because they are for the farmer. and Reppublicans are for big business. Figure that out

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