Dehorning questions

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Just called XL Bander Kenny. Way easier on shoulders than OB wire.View attachment 44993View attachment 44994
I've dehorned a couple with the XL bander and had good results as well. It was probably overkill, but I put gorilla tape over the bands to make sure they didn't scrape them off or move them before they started digging in good.
They make 2 sizes on the bander. Same bands for both. Just the bigger one opens wider. I advise buying the bigger one. I made the mistake and got the smaller one first.
There are different bands for each one. XL are black, regular are that tan color

The regular one is only good for calves with grapes for testes. That's like maybe 2 months or so. From there up the XL works. I've done #500+ calves with the XL. I did some bulls 2 weeks ago that were full handfuls that I had to fish in to the XL. 😄

I despise doing the small ones where they can suck them up. We wanted to get our last place worked last weekend before the heat really kicks in and there were a couple young calves that were like grapes. I hate those. I would rather do a #500 than a #100. The big ones stand better also.

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