deformed hooves

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Depends on what you mean by outwards. But it could be genetics, conformation or nutrition if the toes are getting very long, or genetics if the claws are spreading wide apart. I'm sure there are other reasons but those are the common ones I have seen.

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> What causes hooves to grow
> deformed? I have a couple of cows
> that have hooves that have started
> to grow outward.
One of the things that I have found around here (in North Central Washington state) is that the cattle sometimes aren't moving around enough to keep their hooves worn back. I brought an older cow from the coast up here last fall. Her hooves were so soft that any time I turn her out on the big pasture she comes back to the corral all lamed up, with hooves breaking. I have heard that every spring I should be having the hoof trimming man come and trim up the cows... since not all of my animals seem to have that problem, I think I should sell the cows whose hooves don't wear evenly. Omak

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