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Is there a good dictionary of all the basic definitions or a source for someone just getting into the cattle business? Something as basic as reading cattle reports, what is a cwt, etc. Thanks

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cwt = hundred weight (100 pounds). If a calf sells for $94.50/cwt it's the same as $0.945 per pound. You might try doing a search on this site for any term that's got you stumped. It's probably been asked before.

That's good advice. Most folks enjoy talking to people about what they do for a living and don't mind helping somebody who's not to proud to ask for advice. And remember, when it comes to terminology and opinions, often times there is more than one right answer. Of course, there's also a whole slough of wrong ones.


> Go up to an old cowboy, I'm sure
> he would enjoy teaching you.
> Either that or he'd spit cope in
> your eye.

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