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Dec 26, 2003
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Glad thats not a calf........ :cboy:
WOW!!! Have you ever had one take a calf like that? I guess each region has it's own preditiors :cry:
No I did not take the picture, it was sent to me by a friend who loves to hunt .. i think it was taken down in la4s part of the country. here is one more picture.

It very could have been taken about 70 mi East of me.
My brother in law killed one a few years ago that was 13 ft long.
Killed several 10 ft long and longer.
Adam's Ranch had a 14 footer grabbing calves and deer on their side of Lake Marion. Florida started a "hunt by permit" controlled quota to start controlling them, and he got bang sticked. Now my buddy's walk in cooler usually reserved for deer and such get's loaded with big lizards during season. Pretty neat sight.
Here in the local paper about a month ago they had a photo of a 14 ft alligator they had to shoot up on the north side of Choke Canyon Lake. (McMuellin County) Guess he was becoming a pain & no attempts to catch him worked. The Game Warden said the monster could have taken a 400 pound calf with no problem.
Last summer they shot either a 10 or 12 ft gator out of the lake---he was bothering campers. Yeah; we've seen a couple of 'small' 5-footers while fishing....but none where we go swimming.
They also had the dog catcher from Three Rivers get a 5 foot gator out from underneath someone's car at the local Dairy Queen in town a few weeks ago. That was in the paper, too.
And I thought I just had to be wary of the Rattlesnakes! ;-)
Those are really cool pictures!
we had a gator in our pond for two years but he mysteriously disappeared. oh well, cows and gators dont mix anyway.
The ranch adjoining us to the north was sold last year and the 2,400 acres were split in half. A new house was built and the 100 acre lake was redone. The previous owner allowed the alligators to pretty much take over the lake. The new owners wanted to build cabins for children with cancer around the lake. They worked for months to catch all the gators. I wonder if they did. Used to when it rained, small ones would be in the road. smushed roadkill. It is odd, because I do not live in the part of Texas where you normally think of gators being. But they are here. My research showed me that this is part of their original natural habitat. I am between Austin and Bryan-College Station in central Texas.

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