Decided to wean early....

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Jun 12, 2012
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I decided to wean a few calves a little early for us today. My biggest calf is 179 days old today, but I swear he can breed something! When a cow or heifer comes in heat, he has his penis out and everything! He is sired by HPF Optimizer, out of a Macho cow that has thrown and raised three sets of twins on her own (so lots of milk). He weighed 728 pounds, and is just under 6 months of age!


The other two were younger, but September born. My youngest was 174 days, so a little young but it is easier to wean them in groups.
Calf 2 - 180 days, Sired by Live Ammo out of a Pacesetter dam. 658 pounds. He is getting cut (I do not like him - shallow ribbed)
Calf 3 - 174 days, Sired by HPF Optimizer 572 pounds.

So not bad. Just glad to have that older Optimizer calf out of there! I am happy with the weaning weights on those Optimizer calves! He sure has calves that can grow!

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