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Was watching one of the Talk/News shows the other night and they were quoting a $7 trillion dollar debt as if it was by feed bill. Naturally all had their view of why it happen and what they would do about it.
Lots of money for sure. The Great Great Great grandkids will have a heck of time paying that back over the next 200 years or so. If then.
Then again, our leadership may have the same ideal the check cashing places have, "If you have a check you have cash".
Guess I had better look for a bigger coffee can for my nickles and dimes.
National debt is a relative thing. Paper accounting. Similar to business people's tax deductions. The USA hasn't gone bankrupt yet since the American Revolution and I doubt it ever will. The USA Government has the ability to create more money if it needs it and can manipulate its needs in the global economy. Don't worry about the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids...they'll take care of themselves.

The national debt will never get paid off and never has been in the past. Remember, the person or country that prints their own money never goes bankrupt...they just make more when they need
The rumor has always been, Rome lasted + or - 1000 years until their sexual desires and their need to take care of (grants) or rule everyone and everybody destroyed them from with in their gates. And a list could go on for that many pages of what happen to the great power Rome.
But one might think a 1000 years is a long time in the scheme of things.
One book I know of says, " Rome will rise again in great glory".
But at last, more than one subject on my pea brain casuses great pain just above the eye :lol:
So, for me and my family, the coffee can is like a warm fuzzie feeling in a crazy old world.

May your cows always give sweet milk.

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