death of twin calves

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Dec 28, 2003
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today a first time heifer deliver a mixed set (bull calve and hefier calf), we found the calves dead...they were perfectly formed calves around 50lbs or so.. we are not sure the heifer has passed her placenta, perhaps she already ate it..and there was a lot of blood by the bull calf. she had the calves in seperate fenced areas (all the gates were open) around 300 feet apart. Is this normal? she the heifer is still looking for her calves... and we are wondering if we purchase a bottle calf at the local auction if it is still possible to graft... I saved the sack and some other fluids...we also still have a calf in the deep freeze (buried one)... any comments or suggestions welcome..
We had this happen a couple of years ago. The vet told us that sometimes heifers don`t have a good enough blood supply to their uterus to support twins - once they get so big and the blood supply isn`t adequate they die and she aborts them. If she really wants a calf I would try grafting one on her - but be careful of scours and whatever else could be brought in by a salebarn calf.
the auction is on Wed you think that is too long and will her milk still be good? she is still bawling for her calves and will not leave the area where she had the heifer calf.

thanks, donna
UPDATE -- We were able to purchase a beef bottle heifer at a sale a few hours away last Tuesday. The grafting has been a learning experience, but feel confident today to say it was a success.

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