Dead calves

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Hey. I just found this website and thought maybe someone could help us out. My dad has been losing calves left and right the last week. Just dropped off some of the organs at the diagnositc lab at NDSU. The calves are big and healthy and then they get sick and die. We have given them BO-SE, scours tablets and electrolytes. They seem to get better for a while and then die. Had one at the vet on IV for a day and he still died. Has anyone experienced this before? If you have any suggestions or information to share, could you please e-mail them to [email protected]. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
DeAnn Galde
Where do you live? We are in central Ohio and have lost 3 calves. The first 2 calves were born unable to lift their heads, their legs were straight out, and they could not get up. The third calf was healthy but came down with the same thing 10 days later. Does this sound similar to your problem? The vet has no idea what it is. We don't think its blackleg because the muscles don't crackle when pressed, but the calves do die quickly.We hope to find out with an atopsy.

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