Dead Calves

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I have 100 angus/brangus cows and have had the same set for 6 years. My problem is this year I am having a terrible time with calves being born dead or dying within minutes of being born. I have ask my Vet and he can't tell me anything. The cows are in pretty good shape, however, we went through a rough drought last summer/fall. Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this?

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Without seeing your herd and RUNNING BLOOD TESTS, as well as a full post mortem on the calves, I'd be guessing and shooting in the dark. I guess you can tell I think your vet should be doing more! Very minimum....bloodwork for serology for infectious agents, post mortem exam of calves including histology, c&s and perhaps toxicology. More extensive workup would include micronutrient analysis etc. Without the answer, we can't prevent further losses! Good Luck! V

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