Dead Calf In Cow

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I think the calf in my cow is dead and she is 6 - 7 months bred, what do i do now ?
If she has a dead calf in her smell would knock a buzzard off a gut wagon. I would pen her put her in a squezze chute and check her out. Like another poster ask why do you think the calf is dead.
AL":38e6xi40 said:
I think the calf in my cow is dead and she is 6 - 7 months bred, what do i do now ?
IMHO, Anyone that has to ask this question probaly hasn't experience with cattle to be safe with doing anything other than having a vet out to check her
out and give a professional opinion. and/ or treatment.
I agree with everyone else, but I have seen a cow (friend of the family's cow) that had a dead calf in her that the vet said was dead at least 5 - 7 days that really didn't have an odor to her. I hauled her over to our pen and chute ( he didn't have one) and attempted to turn the calf, it was breech and it was stiff as a board. I had thought the calf was still alive because she didn't stink. Hauled her to the vet in the morning and they said the best thing to do was to shoot her. They put a halter on her, led her into my trailer and shot her in the head, then charged us for shooting her! :x
If this is the case and the calf is dead, the only way to be sure is to palpate, then if it is dead, I would ship her, even if you have the vet out, it would require a fetotamy of the calf was mumified, if not mumified, wear two gloves and stimulate her to have dilation and contractions so that she will expell the very nasty fluid like decomposing body

If nothing else look with an ultrasound to see if there is a heart beat, but a 5-7 month calf will be low behind the pelvis, feel like a well formed calf, the size of a large 20-30# cat (size reference)

VERY NASTY odor should be present, as well as nasty discharge after palpation

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