De-Wormers: Read The Label!

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Just for everyone's information (if you already don't know)--this is not medical advice--consult your Vet.

We have been using "Strongid" paste de-wormer for our pregnant mares. The "generic" name (not to be confused with "Generic, no name products" is Pyrantel pamoate. The concentration of Pyrantel pamoate is 43.9%. We were paying about $9.00 for the "Strongid" brand. Then we switched to "Exodus" for about $4.00 a tube. Same product, different brand name.

The same issue is with the "Ivermectin" (1.87%). Depending on brand name, this can vary between about $3.95 and 8.95 per tube.

This is the same issue as that we all know for human aspirin: "Bayer" vs. "Store Brand"--same chemical compound. Depends on how much advertising you want pay for!

Bottom line: If the ingredients are the same, go for the less expensive product. :D
Always do but thanks for the advice. The less I spend on stuff the more I can spend on more stuff.
Your mostly right on, but you want to make sure the strength of all components are the same as the major brand name. Some copy cats change a small ingredients or the strength levels of the major ingredient, because of patent rights. For example we almost lost a cat to a major store name flea product, Vet said we did everything right but the product makes a percentage of cats sick or kills them....Read the label completely, there is usally a reason it's a copy cat product.

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