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Oct 22, 2005
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Anybody have one off these. I think it would be nice not to round up every animal that is sick or has some health problem an just treat it where it is. Just curious if anybody has experience with these. Thanks for your input in advance.
Just looking for some input. Can anybody help me. Surly somebody has these an uses them
since no one has answered i'll tell ya what i know and it ain't much.
i travel lots of oklahoma, farm , feed stores and coop's
i see them at lots of places and i,ve nevered used one, but i know one guy around rocky/gotebo and another down in chattanooga that uses them on summer stockers and thay seem to be pleased.
as you stated you don't have to gather the herd to treat one animal, less stress and etc.
my personal opinion and for my needs i don't like it.
i handle mine enough so running one through the chute in not a problem.
i would be concerned that the full dosage was administered, the shot placement would not be where it needs to be, bruising and blemishing and etc.
i feel like you should examine the animal up close before making a diagnosis, instead of drive by shooting.

but thats just me
Thanks for the reply. I was thinking like having cattle in the pasture when your far away from any handling facilities it would nice not to roundup the whole heard just to treat one animal.. There would be a great advantage there.
when i was a kid my dad worked on big ranches and he doctored lots of wheat pasture cattle and there where not any pens or chutes for miles, so rope'em and choke'em was the only way.
i thought some where worse off after the doctoring than before.
i see where it could be better than the alternative.
Yeh when its hot out that wouldnt be a wise thing. Probable be worse off if you treated it then if you didnt.
We have used the medi dart. It is on a long pole. We only used it when on pasture and no access to a chute. In the begining it worked great. Now the cows see it coming and head for the hills. We used it more often in the summer for pnemonia and foot rot on the bulls, some foot rot on the cows.
Now that we vaccinate the cows and bulls and foot rot vaccine the bullls, we rarley have a need for it. Good thing too since it will not eject the medicine properly now. Now the animal gets some and the ground gets the rest.
Once the cows see it coming and head for the hills, if the animal is really sick you might get one shot. With LA 200 you need atleast 2...good luck with that one.

As they're running away it's awfully hard to get the shot in the neck where it should only be given
Never used it, but had another cattle owner nearby come dart one for us. She was WILD, we couldn't get near her, and we wanted her gone. He darted her so we could get her sorry butt on the trailer.

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