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I have a 4 month old mini holstein that I've posted other questions about. I brush her as part of our time with each other. I'm noticing fine dust type dryness along her spine. She has areas that look like sry skin. I have also noticed a few clusters of white dot type substance along the base of some hairs. I haven't seen any noticeable lice, but wonder if this is dandruff or a sign of lice that I'm missing. I wouldn't necessarily characterize the clusters as nits.

She also has one ear that has excess wax in the outer ear portion. I dabbed it with hydrogen peroxide, but the wax built up the next day.

Should I try tea tree oil on the dry skin? Clorahexadrine on the ear?

We go to the vet in about a week for her hernia operation. Should I just le things ride until then?

Thanks again. Chris

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