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Nov 16, 2012
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Europe, Lithuania
Not an ordinary post from me, but I do have personal experience with dairy. Have a group of maiden heifers, a couple cows and had two heavily bred heifers until today.
Today's newborn:
Dairy simmental cross heifer with her first calf- 75% simmental heifer.
Husband had some plans about expanding dairy herd, but with today's situation plan to keep just a few for nursing calves and for our own needs. These two definitely will stay. Simmental cows are great for crossing with beef breeds, so should make a great nurse cows if needed.
Currently have high% red holstein heifer in calf to normande due in early October. Will be an interesting cross.
Have mostly holsteins, a couple jersey and simmental crosses. Most holsteins will be sold as incalf heifers, others will be mostly crossed with simmental, normande, montbeliarde and brown swiss to increase overall health, meatness and hardiness. Have a couple real good holstein bulls in the tank, one is even female sexed, so those will be used for heifers for sale. Gonna post some more photos abit later.
35 yrs ago, we had a group of about 25 Holstein heifers we'd raised from a dairy up the road that had a lot of Red Holstein influence in the herd... bred them all to a polled purebred Fleckvieh-influenced Simmental sire... but sold them as bred heifers when I went back to grad school. Would have liked to have seen those calves... I'll bet at least some of them came out red & white... and put some muscle back into the equation .

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