dairy cow fine one day, and then..

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Sep 7, 2005
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southwest, MO
The next milking the one quarter in the back, has pure blood coming out of it, with coagulated blood clumps. At first I thought it was a teat injury, but after several milkings of stripping this quarter out by hand, I got to wonder. Her quarter isn't hot to touch, and she is fine in the other 3, not off feed, no temp, so I'm somewhat baffled. I'm thinking of giving her excenel, and see what happens, anybody ever have this?

Sure sounds like an injury to me rather then an infection problem
I've never treated cases like this unless there is evident mastitis - big yellow clots - associated with it.

Some farmers here reckon you'll see bloody milk in a quarter from some idiot chasing them in for milking at top speed. I don't think that's always true, but maybe they got knocked about fighting out at grass or something else you don't see.

She should come right in a few days, turning back to strawberry milk and then clean milk.
I've never seen this and certainly not an expert but it does sound like she ruptured something from fighting,etc.
novaman":2k319stj said:
I've never seen this and certainly not an expert but it does sound like she ruptured something from fighting,etc.
I've thought this over and recall a few times when during milking all of a sudden the milk turned red. We layed it to a blood vessel or capillary or soimething breaking in the quarter. Within a couple of milkings it cleared up.
very common in dairy cows. some clear up in a couple of milkings & others may take a week to clear up. never gave anything to any of them. some times i think it is better to not milk that quarter completely dry for a day or two. good luck
This morning the redness is still there but there is definetely milk mixed in now, making it more pinkish than red. There was a big glop of stuff, I had to strip out and once that came the rest of stripping was easy. I think she is on the mend, although I do think the redness will continue for a few more days. I decided to wait on the excenel, and see what happens. She is a fresh cow, so I'm hoping it all goes back to normal.

Thanks for the replies.

ok i know im late seeing this.but heres my thoughts.a bloodvessel burst in her bagg only affecting 1 teat.an itll clear up in a few days.milk that 1 teat in the fresh cow bucket till it clears up.an if it was the poisness mastitis it would be hot red an swollen.an she she would be dead in 2 or 3 days.

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