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Ben Roberts brand was a B reverse B, and according to dad it look like a big bug on the side of the cow, and it took up the whole side of the cow. They called his ranch the Bug ranch. One time they were in the bar in Powder River and someone came in for directions. I just turned out that is was Ben's turn to buy a round, and that meant everyone. This guy said he didn't want one, but ole Ben said, everybody drinks. I guess that guy drank his and was gone. Other time he just got back from the doctor, and was not supposed to drink, he was reminded of that that and he said he was just checking to see if the doctor was lying. He must of been quite a character

There was a guy near where we lived when I was a kid that had a dozen or more Running Walker Hounds that he deer hunted with. He painted his initials in big letters with red paint on the side of all of his dogs. You could tell they were his from a mile away.b
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From the .gov website: Each state sets its own voter ID rules. Most require you to bring identification to vote in person.

So a states rights issue... not federal.
Yes, but there is a push by one side to make voter ID a federal law, due to a lot of things that have happened in the past few elections. And there is a resistance from the other side, because of the same thing. Any way, it is sorta of ludicrous that you have to have ID to do those other things in the above meme, but not to vote. thus I posted it here on Daily Chuckle. I think we better carry this to the politics and religion forum, though, if we talk about it much more.

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