Daily Chuckle

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I got the words "jacuzzi" and "yakuza" mixed up. Now I'm in hot water with the Japanese mafia.

Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?
Because they lactose.

You matter...until you multiply yourself by the speed of light...then you energy.
Those kind of chairs do not like me. We aren't compatible, or maybe it's the combination with alcohol, but they were donated to Salvation Army.

I don't think one ever kept all its legs around here.

Usually ended up as far from the porch as it would go!
Ben Roberts brand was a B reverse B, and according to dad it look like a big bug on the side of the cow, and it took up the whole side of the cow. They called his ranch the Bug ranch. One time they were in the bar in Powder River and someone came in for directions. I just turned out that is was Ben's turn to buy a round, and that meant everyone. This guy said he didn't want one, but ole Ben said, everybody drinks. I guess that guy drank his and was gone. Other time he just got back from the doctor, and was not supposed to drink, he was reminded of that that and he said he was just checking to see if the doctor was lying. He must of been quite a character.