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Not know where else to put this but it happened yesterday.....

I go to physical therapy x2/week to build strength back up in the right leg I drug around for a year and 1/2 before finding a fix for it late last year. There's an older lady there (significantly older than me and I'm nearly 74) doing a bit of therapy but not much. I'm working beside a set of parallel bars and she's down at the other end and opposite side doing her little step up/step-down thing and the therapist tells her to sit in a chair that's right beside her.
Now you'd probably have to have been there and seen this nice old frail lady pushing 90 years or more (she's someone's great grandma) to appreciate the humor but......

She's sitting down. I'm doing my thing...20 exercises each leg. and the therapist brings her this rubber ball about the size of a volleyball and tells her.

"Put it between your knees, and squeeze it, hold it 5 about seconds and release slowly but don't let it fall out from your knees. Do 10, then rest and do 10 more"

She does it once and says rather loudly..

"Oh, birth control!"

I flat lost count of what I was doing.....
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