Cylence and Ivomec.

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Dec 9, 2005
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Got a few off schedule that I need to treat for flies and worm.Cylence and Ivomec pour on.I usally wait a month in between.Guess I'll do the Cylence first since they aint wormy.Whats the closest I could give them since I'm not supposed to do them at the same time?
I was just always told not to give 2 at the same . I think most labels say it but mabye its ok.Anybody else done both.
I'm gonna repeat the same thing as twistedx, I have used both at the same time before, but check with your vet to make sure.
Both products you name will get rid of flys, so no need to use simultaneously. Use one, then when flys come back in a month or so use the other. Or use one, and put a fly tag in the ear and it'll be a lot longer before flys come back.

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