cutting pelvic bone

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J Baxter

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May 5, 2004
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E Central Arkansas
I have a 1 1/2-2 year old angus heifer that we had to cut the pelvic bone on about three weeks ago to deliver a calf. Since the procedure she seems to be maintaining condition, has a healthy appetitie and appears to be in general good health, however, she does not seem to want to run with the rest of the herd.

She has become very good at hiding. She isn't spooky as she will let me walk up into a few feet of her once I find her. I think that the dominate cows were pushing her around a little bit and she was ready to handle them at the time. How long should I give her before I push her back into the big pasture with the other cows or should I just let her be?

If your worried about her pull her into a smaller pasture or into the lot until you think she is up to strength to handle the old gals.

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