Cutting pastures

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May 21, 2017
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This is my first post here, do any of you cut the pasture you have your cattle on at that time? I have 5 acres with a heifer calf and bull calf on it and it's pretty good hay I was wondering if it would be fine to get a cutting off of it?
Some people don't like cutting for hay if it's been grazed recently due to not wanting any manure getting in the hay. Ive done it shortly after the cows have been on it with no problem and can't imagine you having much to worry about from only 2 calves. I'd bale it up in a heartbeat before letting it go to waste. Will promote new growth anyway which the calves will appreciate.
I don't know about baling that but clipping is certainly a wise decision (opinion) where animals are grazing. Reason being they prefer the tender, succulent shoots of vegetation leaving the undesirables to mature and replenish themselves. Before you know it you have a field full of weeds and no tender, succulent shoots. Clipping would be as high as possible to save the grass and clip the weeds.

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