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I have a heifer that has a cut halfway across the back of her right rear foot horizontaly right above the hoof, it looks like another cow stepped on the back of her hoof and ripped it. I first noticed it after I hauled several of them a week and a half ago and it doesnt seem to be closing but its not bleeding either. She tries to walk on the tip of her hoof but when she doesnt it seems to open it up. So finally here is my question, How do I heal this up and help her? I currently have her up in the lot to AI her, gave her prostamate tuesday evening. She is a reg. angus 800lb heifer.

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call your vet. Foot rot has a perfect home in the scenario you are describing. You might try some scarlet oil (if you can find it) in the doctoring of it, a foot bath that she can walk through going in and out of the feeding, and I think, you might try to cast the foot for a few days. Can you keep her on grass pasture, rather than running in rocks and sand? I would probably put her in a smaller area so that she doesn't have to move around a lot. Don't panic.... just call your vet.

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