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Apr 23, 2009
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I don't know if you all have seen custom ear tags before, but I saw a girl with one at a show recently. It had her calf's name written on it and then had rhinestones punched into it. Has anyone seen any vendors at shows recently who do this? I can't find anyone on the internet. I want to get one for my cousin, she's just getting into showing and I thought it'd be a neat gift for her.
Interesting. Was it a regular ear tag that was customized? I make bling halters for horses and have thought about making them for kids and their show cattle. My daughter ties rope halters for sheep and goats and I've thought about adding tooled nosebands to them too.

Here is are a couple of my rope halters (the lighting doesn't show the rhinestones very well.)



this one my husband hand tooled and I painted and blinged


Thanks for looking.
Those are neat chippie! The ear tags are just a plain ear tag. From what it looked like, the person who customizes them writes the calf's name on the tag in some kind of permanent marker or tag pen and then has the rhinestones (like on the belts) that go all the way through the tag so they won't fall out.
Very pretty chippie! Those are great!
I have never seen or heard of eartags with rhinestones! That is definitely a neat gift idea.
Chippie, those are gorgeous!

If you make some for cattle PLEASE let me be the first to know, i would LOVE to buy
atleast one for my main show heifer, maybe another for my other heifer too! They are so pretty. Let me know!
(By the way, I LOVE the black one, it would look so cool on my black heifers.)
Australian":yce16zut said:
You would be bound to win because the judge would be looking at the fancy headgear instead of the animal.

Haha, well i was thinking if she could make me one it'd be a rope halter, some kind of variation like the ones above.
And I'd have them wear it at shows to make them look nice while tied up. However if i wore it in the ring.... lol.
So is this a common thing in the show ring? I have never seen it where i am from.
I think i might get laughed at by my AG teachers, but they sound adorable!
You know you could make one if you tried. Just get some rhinestones and a Paint pen, and a Blank Ear tag.

It sounds pretty simple.

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