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I would say it would have to do with how many head to breed at one time, how far you are traveling and weather or not you are using stuff out of the farmers tank. There is no arm tech in my area, but where I grew up there is alot of dairies and the ABS tech charged $8/ head if he was using out of Dad's tank. But that has been several years!!
guest":28tysev4 said:
does anyone have an idea of what to charge for custom AI? Thanks.
On one head deals Most are charging $15.00 to $20.00 per hd. Again depending on the tracvel distance. Some will charge a mileage fee. On volume the price would probaly go down. Most semen is purchased seperately. You could use a $5.00 bull or a $100.00 or more bull.
My guy charges $5 per head, just paid the bill. But that was for 53 head.

I don't know what he charges for singles or small numbers. Never used him that way.

Lots of dairy farms around here so he probably did a hundred head that day.
Orerancher":1bw05j7d said:
I get 20.00 a hd. up to 5hd. Over that $10.00 a hd. With the price of fuel I'm gonna have to start charging for travel.....

Sooo I can get 5 bred for $100...Or 6 bred for $60????

If I remember...duh...our A.I. Facility charges $8. to do the procedure plus $3.50 per day board for the bull as needed. Since we have our own semen stored, which ever bull we use is added to that cost for A.I.

They are the experts. I wouldn't touch doing it with a 10 foot
My ABS tech charges $5 a head to arm, $20 for the trip out, and that was for 186 hd in may of this year. We buy the semen from him also.

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