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Mar 29, 2006
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For you folks doing the direct marketing of your beef (I'm assuming I'm referring to those that do that only and not sell calves through the salebarn), a dumb question:

What do you do with your cull cows and bulls? Do you sell them through the salebarn or what?
True cull cows and bulls go straight to abs.

cast for age girls, or just needing to get numbers down, no true cull faults, go to the saleyards, we dont particularly care if someone picks them up for further breeding that is fine, if they go to the abs that is fine too.
If you live in an area where you can locate enough dog breeders or dog people who feed raw meat diets to their dogs, you could maybe sell culls as dog food for more than they bring at the sale barn. I had no idea people did this but they do. It's just a matter of finding enough people with the freezer space to go in on a whole animal, since there is very little waste and they tend to want the bones and all. Here's a link to a farm that sells to dog folks:

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