Cucumber Salad

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Jan 2, 2006
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1-2 cucumber
varied amount of kraft real mayonaisse
1/4 to 1/2 purple onion
1/4 to 1/2 tomato
2 pinches of salt
Freshly ground pepper

Cut cucumber long ways in half,
then turn and cut in half again
where you will have 4 quarters of cucumber.

Then cut into bite sized pieces,
place into a medium to large stirring bowl,
dash with salt,.... stir,.... dash with salt,... stir,...
Let the cucmber sit for a few minutes to sweat.

Dice alittle tomato(depending on how much you want)
Stir into bowl

Dice alittle purple onion(depending on how much you want)
Stir into bowl

Add Mayo, I usally use about a quater of a cup.
stir... add freshly ground pepper
stir and chill covered for 15 minutes. Then serve.
Sounds like a good recipe, thanks Rocksprings, will try it when we get some fresh cucumbers out of the garden. :D
Just got back from the store where I picked up ingredients for the salad. I think I will add a little diced red and yellow pepper as well. We will be having it for supper tonight with grilled wild salmon... :D

Oh and I am substituting diced tomato for grape tomatoes..
Salad was awesome hubby even helped me make it ..A first..

Added a few extras though :
Small diced yellow and red pepper
small cubed Gouda cheese
small diced dill pickle

and for the dressing we zipped it up with some horseradish mayo and sweet with heat piquant sauce..

It turned out fab. went perfect with the salmon ,have some left over and will finish it with grilled steak tomorrow..

Thanks for the idea rocksprings.. :tiphat:

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